H/ Debarawewa Central College is situated on the Colombo – Kataragama highway 260 km away from Colombo – just 4km off the Weerawila Air port. Debarawewa, which is also the name of the school is a small village in Tissamaharama in Hambantota District that is in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

The word famous Yala game reserve and the domestic and migrate birds’ paradise, Bundala and located in the Hambantota District. Tissamaharama which is in the dry zone, is poor in facilities but rich in people with determination. The main livelihood is paddy cultivation through irrigation systems and the “Chena” cultivation (the cultivation of crops such as maize, green gram or vegetabels etc. with rain water ) is also common. The public servant may be around 2% Tissamaharama is famous for curd and red/ brown rice. Tissamahrama is historically , culturally, politically and economically.

Debarawewa National School makes a great contribution to enhance the value of Tissamaharama. Mudliar, Mr. D. D. Senanayake, a social worker in the area constructed a building on the 6th of July 1936 on his own land in his own expense and commenved the first school in Tissamaharama with 26 pupils. The first principal was Mr. G G S Nandasesna – a from Dickwella.